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Feb 27, 2011 10:00am EST
president obama's budget that was released recently. a lot of republicans say this budget is overly timid and it does not lay out a long-term plan. with its continuing resolution in the house, the president is taking a standoffish approach. is it fair to -- say the president is refusing to lead? >> it is unfair. it is not fair to take this holier than thou that during from the republicans in congress. there were too big bush that cuts -- two big which tax cuts. we have big problems. there is no argument. cutting spending needs to be a part of that. that is why the president's budget calls for cuts over a period of time. what the republicans are proposing right now is reckless. it will hurt a fragile economy and throw more people out of work. that is just me -- that is not just me saying that. the fiscal commission specifically warned against deep cuts in 2011. why? because it would put people out of work. goldman sachs -- you can say many things about goldman sachs but they know about money and be counted. they warned that these immediate deep cuts would have a negative impact on the reco
Feb 13, 2011 10:00am EST
on world threats. then we will hear comments from the egyptian vice-president and president obama on the resignation of hosni mubarak. >> this week, steve israel of new york, the chair of the democratic congressional campaign committee. we have our reporters to help with the question. reid wilson, editor in chief of "the hotline," and alex isenstadt of "the politico." >> you have taken over a committee that is $19 million in debt. it is one of the smallest minorities you have had in a very long time. tell us about the state of the democratic party from a political standpoint and from the institutional standpoint when you have $90 million in debt in your committee alone? >> thank you for reminding us. [laughter] i love uphill battles. i am a student of military history and for once i love of the battles and there are a lot they can be won. we have a chance to do this. when the 25 seats to take the house back. we had a rich environment of 61 seats of seats whose republicans voted for president obama. there are 54 seats currently held by republicans that 55% of their vote or less. qu
Feb 13, 2011 6:00pm EST
. >> as you start fund-raising, are you not competing for president obama's reelection campaign? >> we are competing with the presidential election, and we are also competing with a historic number of senate seats, so there is no question of fund raising part of it does have some challenges outside of our control, the presidential campaign and many senate seats. we raised over $1 million online. while we are competing with the presidential campaign and would senate campaigns, our voters throughout the country are energized, charged up, and contributing. our member dues have done very well. we are doing what is necessary to work around the fact that we do have that high level of competition for the presidential race and for the senate races as curator of >> members of congress were giving money to the campaign committee -- and for the senate races very good new >> members of congress were giving away two campaign committees. >> whether it is a pitch to members of the democratic colleagues for a pitch to those donors who contributed $32 or to the larger donors, it is the same pitch, but
Feb 20, 2011 10:00am EST
. the debt still goes up. andr president obama's plan under a conservative plan like i am advancing, we will still have to pay down the debt. we still need to pay down the debt that i think makes common sense and is accepted by the american people ca. host: john boehner said that the case as to be made to the american people about how important this is. lacking the white house, how will the republican party makes this happen? guest: i think they already understand. the bigger question is will the political class to demonstrate the courage the american people have in same we understand it? there is a great column in "the washington times", called the american miracle. what took place in 2009, and no other people in the planet would have reacted the way the american people did. his point was that in early 2009, everybody was scared. lost value, our homes lost value. many americans lost their jobs. general motors was going bankrupt. everyone was nervous, and along came as a popular president and said he was going to do this thing the government tries to do. he would do the same old, same o
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)